Electrical Engineer

April 26, 2019
Palm Bay, FL
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Responsible for supporting the development of precision navigation and timing products, and ensuring survivability in the on-orbit environment. This includes all phases of product development from initial architecture and development of interfaces and component requirements thru design, testing and verification, on to production support. Some products may require operational support and on-orbit anomaly resolution. Tasks will include characterization of space environment impacts on system performance, testing and selecting parts, and evaluation of alternative designs for optimum robustness and performance.
• Determine and specify space environments for systems, subsystems and components.
• Understand space environment interactions with spacecraft components and materials.
• Perform analysis and modeling of designs against expected environments to verify robustness.
• Assist with requirements analysis and parts selection recommendations (eg. SCD’s, PAR’s).
• Apply understanding of Total Ionizing Dose, Displacement Damage, and Single Event Effects
• Plan and execute component testing for TID, SEE, DD, Prompt Dose (Flash X-ray).
• Prepare test reports, present results and achieve customer approvals.

• MS or PhD degree in physics, engineering or similar technical field preferred
• Experience in planning and execution of RLAT, SEE, and FXR tests on components and subsystems
• Experience in using one or more radiation transport analysis (eg. GEANT4, MCNPX, NOVICE) or radiation effects testing
• Knowledge/experience in the effects of UV and atomic oxygen on materials and components
• Experience in analysis, control and mitigation for spacecraft charging
• Understanding of NWE and how to interpret/mitigate, i.e. PD upset/transient/latch up/burnout, SGEMP, IEMP, and fission byproducts.
• RF domain knowledge
• Experience in design and/or analysis of digital and analog circuits
• Knowledge/use of Microsoft Office
• Knowledge/experience in the effects of radiation on materials and components.
• Ability to obtain a security clearance
• Able to present results and communicate with Customers and Senior Management

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